10 Lies About Sex we have Learned from the Movies

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If you want to learn more about sex watching movies, it’s a very, very bad idea.

Everybody knows that in films there are scenarios and that sex cliches are unrealistic. According to Hollywood, only attractive women have sex, often with unattractive men – and how often it actually happens? Candlelight magically improves mood, and when combined with wine, it means romance. Wrong! But in life is not all that.

These are the most common lies about sex that we’ve seen on the big screen:

Sex whilst standing is the best

To clarify things, “vertical” sex can be more than pleasant, but not to the extent that is shown in films – as the ultimate expression of passion.

Most scenes begin with the guy grabbing the girl, and her wrapping her legs around him, and beginning an action in which a pair of relaxed and rested all the time.

It is quite realistic if you look like Jason Statham, but a man with weaker leg muscles will not last long in this position, and it certainly will not be as pleasurable.

Female orgasm

Studies have shown that as many as one in three women fake orgasms during penetration and that the best way that she climaxes is through clitoral stimulation.

In the movies, the sex scenes almost always involve female orgasms, usually without any foreplay, which has been scientifically proven that it is very much necessary for reaching the summit. Also, often requires less than 30 seconds for a lady on the big screen to orgasm, and that is – as much as we wanted it to be – almost impossible.

Married couples don’t have sex

According to some research, married couples have more sex than those at the beginning of a relationship or single people. So, if the partners in a marriage often enjoy a healthy sex life, why create a film stereotype that putting the ring finger cease all magic?

Of course, there are married people who do not have too much sex – just as they are in relationships and single who rarely “see action”, but this does not mean that marriage means a farewell to the pleasures of the bed.

Nobody uses condoms

Imagine the scene: a man and woman after a few months of dating. Adjusted light – of course, there are candles and wine, he slowly removes her bra, strong hands gently down on the bed, placed it gently beside her, and sensually puts on a condom? No. That will not happen.

While the whole world is talking about the importance of safe sex and the high risk of unwanted pregnancy, for some reason, this is not the case in movies. Nor do female characters often fear an unwanted pregnancy, although it is unlikely that you will come across a girl who is dispensable or first sex is seen as an experience that should be experienced without protection.

One experience will affect their sexual orientation

Studies have shown that more and more young people can not fully identify as heterosexual or homosexual. But not in the movies. Overall, mainstream films have an extremely shallow view of sexuality. As usual, the main role belongs to heterosexual characters, while homosexuals have supporting roles.

However, if someone is sleeping with a person of the same sex, even though through the years had relations with the opposite, automatically become homosexual. And there’s no turning back.

Men will always want more

If women want more sex, movies portray them with low morals or older than their partners and want to use. Men pose as insatiable monsters, while women are cold and not too interested in sex.

It is quite an unrealistic picture because things are in reality very different. Fortunately, female sexual lust began to lose the stigma in society, but the film does not follow these trends.

Always says her name wrong

Do you happen to say the wrong name during sex partner? If so, it seems to be quite different from what we see in movies. It is clear that this can be a very unpleasant situation, but it is even stranger that will be in dirty talks during sex stories pronouncing the name of his ex-girlfriends or who you’re secretly been in love with since elementary school.

Women sleep in a bra

How many girls who sleep in sexy underwear, with moderate make-up and gorgeous curly hair do you know? None? Do not worry, it’s not a problem in your environment, but rather the unrealistic performance of women in the movies.

If your girlfriend is sleeping in your shirt in a bun in the middle of the head, it’s all good.

No lubricants

Whether it is a heterosexual or a homosexual relationship, the partners in the film never use artificial lubricants.

When you are in the shower when the sex toys or when moving foreplay toys that will give you a nicer experience in the film do not come into consideration. Lubricants in the movies are most often used by women who use sex toys, although in reality there are a lot of couples who will use this little help.

First time: From shine to desolation

Let’s be honest, most of the first sexual experience was not great. No matter how attractive the partner was the first time is a bit annoying and not very impressive.

That’s fine, but in the movies, your first time will either be great and you will both experience a few unforgettable orgasms or it will be desperate enough that your relationship will end forever.

The reality is completely different.