8 Bra Tricks That Every Woman Should Know

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Finding the right bra is only half of the battle. Then follows the struggle with falling straps, popping out wires, and itching.

Because the bra is not as simple as it seems, every woman needs to know the following tricks:

  1. When you want to hide the straps under the shirt, use a paper clip.

2. Do not dispose of bras in the washing machine. Try to find mesh or plastic that will keep the shape.

3. You can always sew the bra cups to dress with a naked back for additional support.

4. Straps make pressure on your shoulders? Take small pieces of fabric or silicon to reduce pain.

5. After you wash your bra, do not dry it in the machine. And never attach the straps so they lose elasticity.

6. Keep bras open, not folded.

7. Take an ordinary patch to fix the wire coming out of the bra.

8. When traveling, keep the bras in a separate kit. This will prevent distortion of the cups.