The Appearance of Acne Can be an indication of a Serious Illness

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The appearance of acne is not just a problem in puberty but often occurs in adults. Of course, it rarely happens in adolescents because acne is usually a result of the work of hormones, but doctors advise paying attention to them because they are a “mirror” of health and various processes that occur in the body.

One modern dermatological technique is the “mapping“ of the face. Interestingly, this method is derived from ancient and traditional Chinese medicine. By analyzing different parts of the face and the location of acne and inflammation, experts could recognize the reason for their creation.


The cause of acne in this part of the face can be problems with digestion, the small intestine and liver, as well as stress, irregular sleep, or poor nutrition. To prevent acne, sleep at least seven hours continuously, drink enough water, and take care of your nutrition. Eat more healthy and fresh foods.

Temples and eyebrows

It can occur as a result of poor circulation, problems with a diet that is based on fat and industrial supplies, and consuming too much alcohol.


The cause of acne in the area of the lips and around them may be excessive intake of hot, spicy, or fried foods, and a response to some kind of toothpaste.


The appearance of acne around the nose and on it is a consequence of unhealthy foods, constipation, a bloated stomach, poor circulation, or indigestion. Vitamin B, less spicy food, and massaging this part of the face can alleviate the problems.


The appearance of acne usually occurs due to a problem with the lungs, liver, and stomach as a result of stress, dirty hands, pillow, or blush brush. It is very important to clean your skin every day.


Acne on the chin is the result of hormonal or gynecological problems, poor work of the kidneys and often touching this part with your hands.


If your kidneys are not functioning properly and you are not drinking enough water, acne can occur around the ears and in the ear lobe. Avoid coffee and salty meals.