Beware: These Habits Can Destroy your Kidneys!

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We made a list of things to avoid if you want to have healthy kidneys.

Although they are very important, many do not care about them excessively, so millions of people die annually from kidney disease. These are things you should avoid if you want to have healthy kidneys.

  1. Too little water

If you do not drink enough water, it can be one of the most important factors for kidney damage because it happens every day. The main objective of the kidney to excrete metabolic waste from the body to regulate the balance of electrolytes. If the body is not hydrated properly, it reduces blood flow, which results in toxins in the blood.

  1. Full bladder

Many of us have a habit of putting off going to the toilet. If the bladder has long been full of urine, can lead to various complications in the urinary tract. Muscle hypertrophy is one of the complications that can lead to diverticulitis (creating a hole or water bubble in the body). Hydronephrosis (the increase in the pressure of the urine in the kidney) is another complication that occurs due to chronic pressure on the back of the kidneys.

  1. Too much sodium

Processing sodium is another task performed by the kidneys. Salt is the main source of sodium, but most of the sodium should be drawn from the body. When we eat a lot of salty food, the kidney are burdened because they have to release higher amounts of sodium and in long term can be very hard for the kidneys.

  1. Too much caffeine

When we are thirsty, often we are not reaching for water, but for juices and carbonated drinks. Many of these drinks contain caffeine. Caffeine can raise blood pressure, which further puts pressure on the kidneys and can damage them.

  1. Painkillers

Taking painkillers is a bad habit for most people. Most painkillers have dangerous side effects and can damage various organs, so the kidney. Studies have shown that long-term intake of painkillers reduces blood flow and also reduces kidney function.

  1. Too much protein

Too much red meat and other foods rich in protein may further aggravate the already damaged kidneys. Foods high in protein are basically healthy, but if you have damaged kidneys. Too much protein burden the kidneys.

  1. Ignoring the flu and colds

Ignoring the common cold and flu can lead to kidney damage. Studies have shown that people with diseased kidneys also have a habit of avoiding rest when they are sick. It has been established that people with sick kidneys are sensitive to weather changes.

  1. Too much alcohol

When you drink alcohol, do not often pay attention to quantity is adequate for good health. The habit of drinking too much alcohol damages the kidneys. Alcohol contains toxins that can be harmful to the kidneys.