Healthy Habits That Make You Gain Weight

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If you have a healthy diet, and you follow the advice of nutritionists, and persistently strive to reduce weight, but do not achieve the desired results, it is time to look at where you’re wrong.

In fact, there are certain habits that act as a healthy choice, but they may actually slow down the process of weight loss.

Focus only on certain nutrients

Diets low in carbohydrates or fats are very popular, but avoidance of an important group of nutrients, or focusing only on it, is not the ideal strategy for weight loss. Studies have shown that such a diet causes us to overeat.

Strict ejection of carbohydrates will result in temporary weight loss, but once again return to the diet, the weight will also return. On the other hand, healthy fats are beneficial to our health and keep us fed and their ejection from the diet will not make you a favor. The ideal diet is varied and comes without major restrictions.

You count the calories

Weight loss is not only addition and subtraction. Just like focusing on one nutrient, calorie counting is a strategy that in 95 percent of cases leads to diet failure. This is because when you enter fewer calories, your body enters the “starvation phase”, metabolism slows and you burn muscle instead of fat. When you eat foods that contain quality nutrients do not need to count calories.

Every day we eat the same meals

Oat flakes for breakfast, mixed salad and chicken steaks for lunch, and broccoli for dinner every single day. In this case, repetition is good. The limited and monotonous menu is not good for our health.
In fact, hard to control hunger, satiety, and blood sugar levels, because constantly we feel the need for food that does not seep into the body. After some time in which to successfully stick to the same diet, a great saturation after which usually follows overeating and re-accumulation of weight.

Buy and eat only “healthy” foods

A recent study confirmed that the so-called fitness brand groceries include the inscription “fit” and “healthy” on their packaging, causing increased sales of these commodities, and increased consumption. Most often, when we buy such foods, we eat out of control because no amount of remorse since we are convinced that we eat healthy.

Consequently, we skip exercise because we think the body does not need to spend any calories. All this will slow the loss of weight.