Reviewing Mountain Warehouse – Is It Any Good?

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If you’re into outdoor activities, you’ve probably come across one of the popular clothing brands in the space – Mountain Warehouse. The company offers a multitude of different product lines, designed to equip adventure seekers with all the protection and support they need throughout their journeys and experiences. 

In this article, we will review Mountain Warehouse and assess whether it’s a good brand for outdoor enthusiasts. We’ll answer the question is Mountain Warehouse a good brand and provide all the details to back up our answer. 

About Mountain Warehouse

Mountain Warehouse is a leading outdoor retailer that sells everything from camping gear to hiking boots. Founded in 1997, the company now operates over 400 stores across the world, including Europe, North America, and Asia. 

Despite its relatively young age, Mountain Warehouse has managed to establish a strong presence in the outdoor market, offering high-quality products at affordable prices. 

Is Mountain Warehouse a premium brand?

Nearly all of Mountain Warehouse’s product range is comprised of its exclusive own-brand label, which is widely recognized for providing excellent value to customers. However, the company also offers a premium line called Mountainlife Extreme, which directly competes with other well-established outdoor brands like The North Face and Berghaus.

Many outdoor enthusiasts prefer high-quality brands like Marmot, Patagonia, Outdoor Research, Kuhl, and REI Co-op for their outdoor layers. While Mountain Warehouse is not as cutting-edge as these brands, it offers a more affordable alternative. However, if you compare similarly priced products, you’ll notice a difference. 

Mountain Warehouse is a good option if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to these famous brands. It’s still a decent choice for three-season adventures, but if you need extra insulation or ultralight options, there are better choices. For normal backpacking or backcountry activities, Mountain Warehouse should be more than enough. 

So, is Mountain Warehouse legit? Absolutely!

Does Mountain Warehouse have sales events?

In short, yes. If you’re looking to save money on your outdoor equipment, Mountain Warehouse offers regular clearance sales. You can visit their site to find great deals ranging from 10% to 70% off. With some luck, you may even find high-quality items from their collections at half-price. 

Just be patient and wait for your desired products to be added to the discounted deals. Mountain Warehouse categorizes its sales into Men’s, Women’s, winter jackets, footwear, running, and camping, making it easy for buyers to navigate their products. 

If you’re interested in any of these product lines, their sales catalogs will definitely be useful to you.

Where are Mountain Warehouse products made?

Mountain Warehouse takes pride in producing all its products in the United Kingdom, where its headquarters is located. This is a great advantage for those who are wary of outdoor products made in China. 

According to the brand’s website, Mountain Warehouse products are made entirely at the same factories as The North Face, Berghaus, Craghoppers, Regatta, and Karrimor.

Is Mountain Warehouse an ethical and sustainable brand?

Certainly. Mountain Warehouse upholds business policies and principles that align with some of the Sustainable Development Goals. It is vocal about its commitment to preventing human trafficking, forced labor, and modern slavery in its Modern Slavery Statement.

Moreover, all businesses in its supply chains must be compliant with this particular endeavor. The company firmly asserts that its products and services do not involve any of these illegal practices.

Mountain Warehouse also offers a fair gender pay gap policy, demonstrating its commitment to workforce diversity. It employs individuals of different ages, religions, sexual orientations, genders, and nationalities without any discrimination. The company believes that everyone working under its banner deserves equal compensation and opportunities.

The brand has published its payroll reports for different years on its website, demonstrating how it normalized the salary rates for both males and females.

Mountain Warehouse’s sustainability can also be seen in the materials it uses in its products. The wool and cotton it sources are obtained through ethical and monitored means. The company also employs recycled materials in the construction of most of its items.

About Mountain Warehouse customer approach and service

Mountain Warehouse is known for providing excellent customer service, which sets it apart from other outdoor brands. Its representatives are responsive to inquiries, provide helpful assistance, and are always willing to go the extra mile for customers.

While most customers prefer interacting with brands online, sometimes they need to contact customer service. Mountain Warehouse understands this and provides a hotline for customers who need help with shipping or any other issue. If the issue cannot be resolved immediately, the company escalates it to a supervisor.

The company’s customer service representatives are well-trained in interpersonal skills, ensuring that customers are helped promptly and courteously. Based on user reviews, Mountain Warehouse’s customer service is rated highly by many customers.

In addition, Mountain Warehouse has a Help Center Home on its website where customers can submit requests, inquiries, and other matters that they need assistance with. A customer service representative usually attends to an individual support request within 48 hours, which is a testament to the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Mountain Warehouse return policy

The Returns Policy of Mountain Warehouse is straightforward, reasonable, and impartial. It outlines specific guidelines for customers who wish to return their purchases for any reason.

To begin the return process, you must first locate the nearest Mountain Warehouse store in your area, where you can process the return by presenting your proof of purchase. If you made the purchase online, your proof of purchase would be a dispatch note or an email. According to Mountain Warehouse, it can refund online payments at any of its stores.

If you prefer to return your purchased products via Hermes, you can do so by visiting a ParcelShop. You can print the return label at home or at the ParcelShop using a QR code. Before visiting any Mountain Warehouse store or Hermes ParcelShop, ensure that you have completed the returns form that came with your purchase. If you do not have the form, you can download one from the company’s website.

You can also use the return portal on the Mountain Warehouse website to process your return, where you will need to enter your Order ID. Your Order ID can be found in your confirmation email or on the Returns Form that came with your parcel.

Finally, remember that the item you wish to return must be in its original condition; otherwise, it may be rejected.

Mountain Warehouse reviews of popular product ranges

If you’re considering choosing the brand for your next purchase, you’re likely interested in getting some feedback from users that already have experience with the company. 

In the following sections, we offer a sneak peek into Mountain Warehouse shoes reviews, and Mountain Warehouse boots reviews, along with an overview of what others have to say about the brand’s jackets.

Mountain Warehouse hiking shoes and boots reviews

In general, Mountain Warehouse’s shoes and boots are considered to be of decent quality. They possess the necessary ergonomic features to make them useful for outdoor excursions and casual adventures.

Mountain Warehouse hiking shoes reviews reveal that the shoes and boots offer excellent comfort and provide a proper fit, which is crucial if you want to avoid tripping over. Moreover, the materials used in their construction are highly durable. The leather is appropriately treated, making it easy to break in and wear comfortably.

Additionally, these boots provide excellent waterproofing, ensuring that your feet stay dry even in wet weather conditions. This makes them suitable for day hikes, extended treks, and multi-day expeditions in the wilderness.

Mountain Warehouse jackets reviews

The same can be concluded when looking at Mountain Warehouse jacket reviews online. Users share that Mountain Warehouse jackets are extremely warm and comfortable, with all the necessary capabilities to offer full protection in the harshest conditions. 

Some people even compare them to the basic product lines of brands like Berghaus, where Mountain Warehouse jackets stand out with superior durability. At the same time, the prices are more affordable, making the brand a top choice for those looking for a good deal.

Reviewing Mountain Warehouse sizing

According to Mountain Warehouse’s sizing reviews, the brand appears to be quite accurate in terms of providing the correct sizing for its products. This is a highly beneficial feature for customers, as it ensures that they will receive items that fit well and are comfortable to wear.

One advantage of shopping online with Mountain Warehouse is that you can rely on the sizing information provided on the website. This means that you can confidently make purchases without having to worry about sizing issues. In contrast, some brands may have inconsistent sizing or may not provide enough information to help customers determine the right size for them.

Mountain Warehouse vs North Face – which is better?

Undoubtedly, The North Face is the first brand that comes to mind when we talk about reputable outdoor equipment brands. The North Face’s reputation is not just based on its name, but also on the quality of its products.

The North Face specializes in creating outdoor equipment for extreme expeditions in harsh environments. It has invested in various technologies to enhance the functionality of its products, especially its clothing and layers.

While some may consider The North Face to be expensive, its quality is worth the price. It is considered to be on par with other reputable outdoor product manufacturers such as Patagonia and Marmot.

On the other hand, Mountain Warehouse offers mid-range outdoor products. While it is not extraordinary, it is not subpar either. However, Mountain Warehouse has the potential to develop high-quality products if given the chance.

Verdict: is Mountain Warehouse worth it?

In essence, Mountain Warehouse is a reputable independent brand that specializes in outdoor clothing and equipment. It boasts a vast collection of hiking gear and sports accessories that can be utilized in any outdoor pursuit or adventure. While it may not match up to the standards of high-end outdoor equipment brands, Mountain Warehouse still offers commendable options for outdoor enthusiasts to explore.