7 Foods That Will Soothe Your Stomach After Overeating

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The next morning after overeating can be painful, and you have a feeling like you can’t put anything in your mouth, but just the opposite can solve your problem.

There are several types of food that will make you better.


Banana is full of potassium that helps the digestive system to function properly. It is easily digested, so your stomach will require further work. Among other things, it is also rich in soluble fiber which helps in preventing diarrhea.

Orange juice

So if you have a sick stomach, it is recommended to drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice before you eat. Also, if you want to avoid additional sickness and gases, avoid consuming it, combined with carbohydrates.


Although it probably acts as a very bad idea, a greater amount of the corresponding spice may help your stomach faster and easier to digest food. For example, cumin stimulates the liver to release more alkaline fluid that improves digestion.

Avoid salt

Salt has the capacity to absorb liquid from the stomach, so it is strictly recommended to avoid it when you have nausea and indigestion because it will only hinder the process. So if you want to eat some snacks, have some unsalted almonds or unsalted popcorn.

Rice, toast, potatoes

Much like bananas, rice is easily digested in the body, so there is no need for too much work in the stomach. Because rice contains a small amount of fiber, as well as toast and boiled potatoes, it’s the food that fits perfectly into your diet after overeating.

Apple cider vinegar

According to scientific research, apple cider vinegar not only is helpful for digestion but also reduces stomach cramps. It is enough to drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of raw honey mixed in a glass of water and the abdominal pain will be reduced.

Mint tea

Perhaps one of the most effective natural remedies for stomach pain is mint. Like other herbal teas, mint tea will reduce the bloating you feel after overeating, spasms will disappear, and with them the anxiety in the stomach.